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About T1 Friendly Foodie

Conquering Diabetic Cravings

Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to forego delicious food! It is possible to conquer your cravings with healthy, guilt-free options. T1 Friendly Foodie, was set up by me, Nikki Wallis, and is a personal blog of all my low-carb, low sugar* and low fat recipes, product information, personal stories and tips for living with diabetes.

This blog is designed to not only inspire you to enjoy your life with diabetes, but to help you navigate the often confusing and overwhelming world of ‘sugar free’ and ‘low-carb’ products.

This blog is particularly great for people who are insulin-dependent (those with type 1 diabetes or insulin-dependent type 2), or who are insulin-resistant (those with type 2 diabetes not on insulin), or gestational diabetes. Of course if you are health conscious, or just want to explore healthy food options, then this blog is also for you!

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy in our diet, so while this site does not advocate for cutting out carbs, it does provide options for people who are looking to eat slightly less carbohydrates, while still maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet.

The recipes, especially sweet treats, are also low in fat and use full fat Greek yoghurt, ricotta and full cream milk as a substitute instead of butter, cream or oil. If you prefer a richer texture to your cakes and baked treats, by all means feel free to add fuller fat ingredients.

Most of the recipes are medium-small in total size as I am the only one in my family with diabetes and I hate to be eating the same thing for months. Of course you can always double or even triple the amount of ingredients to suit your desired quantity.

Please note, the information contained on this site is based in the views and experiences of me, the author. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, or replacement of, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please speak with your medical practitioner to ensure the information contained on this site is appropriate for you and your dietary requirements (particularly children or young people with diabetes, the elderly, or those with other medical conditions).

So join T1 Friendly Foodie on a gastronomic adventure of food, stories, tips and reviews,  all aimed to help you ignite your appetite and conquer your diabetic cravings!

*Note – despite the recipes featured on the T1 Friendly Foodie blog not containing cane sugar or high GI sugar alternatives, the term ‘sugar free’ is avoided (even though this is a popular term) as most if not all ingredients do contain some level of natural sugars and it is not accurate to label the recipes as completely sugar free.