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Advertising is welcome on the T1 Friendly Foodie blog site. Please note, advertising must be appropriate to, and align with, the overall nature of the T1 Friendly Foodie site. The owner of the site holds full discretion to approve or reject any request to advertise on the site.

T1 Friendly Foodie does not hold any allegiances to any individual company, provider, or manufacturer and all requests for advertising will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


All recipes, artistic direction and photography featured on the T1 Friendly Foodie blog are done by the owner of the site.

Suppliers of baking and home-wares products are welcome to donate or loan items to be featured in the various photos published on this blog. A note attributing the supplier will be published on the corresponding post in recognition and gratitude of the support provided.

Product reviews

Regular product information is featured on the T1 Friendly Foodie blog. This typically features a summary of low carbohydrate, ‘no added sugar’ products suitable for diabetics.

Please note, all product information summaries are written by the owner and author of T1 Friendly Foodie and reflect her personal views and opinion of a product. T1 Friendly Foodie does not hold any allegiances to individual suppliers, manufacturers or producers; and product reviews will not be influenced in any way by monetary payment or the views, expectations or agendas of any organisation.

Products are featured for their appropriateness and suitability for the diabetic diet, particularly for people with type 1 diabetes, but also type 2 and gestational diabetes. Information is written with the consumer in mind and therefore feature both positives as well as cautions about the product where relevant. Please note, the author of T1 Friendly Foodie is a keen advocate and supporter of diabetic-friendly products, so while some caution may be provided for products where the author deems it appropriate and/or necessary (in her view), published information will not be extensively critical of a product. Information and reviews of a product are written for the duel purpose of educating the consumer as well as the manufacturer. It is hoped that manufacturers may use these reviews for the purpose of improving and expanding their range of diabetic-friendly products.